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Update.. [Jul. 19th, 2004|09:01 am]


[mood |crappycrappy]
[music |"Blurry" Puddle of Mud]

Okay well its been forever since I last updated this.. So I decided to update it.. so here I go.. Anywayz.. Today I came to the realization that its a nightmare I'm waking up TO ...rather then a nightmare I'm waking up FROM ...Ugh I feel soo lonely.. Everyday I have to tell myself that things will get better if I could just make it through today...But they never get better.. They get worse.. Everyday gets harder and harder to make it through....Why does he make it look so easy? WHY? It hasn't even been two weeks yet and he's already flirting with other gurls.. I don't get it.. I can't even look at another guy without wanting to cry.. and there he is TELLING me about all the great girls he met.. and the thing is... I'm NOT ONE OF THEM... AHH.. I just want to curl up and die... And you know the hard part is.. I can't run to the person that I need too...